How to Password Protect a Directory in cPanel You can lock a directory with a password using the cPanel's Directory Privacy. 1. Log in to your... How to Block an IP Address to Deny Access to Your Website You can blacklist an IP Address to deny access to your website.1. Log in to your cPanel account.... How to Protect Website Images From Being Displayed at an External Website External websites may display your website images on their websites, thus stealing your... How to Block Any IP Address via an htaccess Rule If you want to block an IP Address, you can add the below lines to your htaccess file. order... How to Disable Directory Browsing Using the htaccess Rule For security purposes, you should disable directory browsing on your website so no one can see... How to Protect the htaccess File You can prevent unauthorized access to your htaccess file by adding this rule to the file: #... How to Restrict Access to Directories by IP Address To secure your admin area from hackers, you should only allow access to your admin directory from... How to Enable or Disable Mod Security in cPanel Are you facing the issue of IP getting blocked repeatedly? If the answer is Yes, then it may have... How to Enable the Two-Factor Authentication on Your cPanel Account Security is important for our data safety. We recommend you to enable the Two-Factor... How to Disable the Two-Factor Authentication on Your cPanel Account Follow this instruction to remove two-factor authentication from your cPanel account.1. Log in to...